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Safety & Security

The Canadian fertilizer industry is dedicated to a safer future for people and the planet.

Standardized Codes of Practice

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Safety and security

We promote safe practices from manufacturing, to handling, storage, transportation, and application. Fertilizer Canada has developed world class Codes of Practice, educational programming, and has standardized compliance and enforcement of product handling procedures.

Fertilize S.A.F.E.

A best-in-class safety stewardship program

Fertilize S.A.F.E works to educate, enable, and empower those throughout the fertilizer supply chain. The use of industry enforced Codes of Practice, educational resources and training tools, help define safety and security for all industry players.

Taking an active management approach, our Codes of Practice ensure we are meeting an exceeding industry standards across Canada. Members comply with all provincial and federal regulations and go above and beyond by incorporating industry best practices. With a third-party auditing system and quality assurance control program in place, we know our members are living up to and exceeding expectations.

Four pillars of Fertilize S.A.F.E:

Standardized Codes of Practice
Accessible industry resources
Focused industry
Early and enforced industry adoption

Safety through the supply chain

Our supply chain has safety build in, every step of the way.

Federal & provincial regulations

Manufacturers are subject to federal and provincial regulations and laws.

Driver training courses

We offer e-courses on driver fatigue, and safe storage and handling to ensure truck drivers and transload operators know how to keep themselves and employees safe.

Ammonia training

We provide specialized training and a standardized set of processes for safe handling and transporting of anhydrous ammonia.

Codes of Practice

Fertilizer Canada members comply with three mandatory Codes of Practice, ensuring safe and secure practices and oversight of anhydrous ammonia, and ammonium nitrate.

Ammonium nitrate training

Fertilizer Canada offers e-learning on security of handling and storing ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers. The On Guard program also teaches retailers how to spot people buying fertilizer for nefarious purposes and how to report it.

On guard and safety training program for end-users

Fertilizer Canada’s e-learning courses ensure retailers and farmers know how to safely handle, store, and apply fertilizer products

Safely: Feeding Canadians. Feeding the world. Feeding the economy.

Fertilizer Canada is proud of the proactive steps the industry has taken over the years to become and stay a world leader in safety and security. A stable regulatory environment that prioritizes safety while creating the conditions for this $23.6 billion industry to stay competitive will help grow the industry even further.

Proactive approach to safety: anhydrous ammonia

Safety is the number one priority of the industry, which is why Fertilizer Canada takes a proactive approach to training and education on responding to an agricultural anhydrous ammonia incident.

First responders training program


Identify anhydrous ammonia’s basic properties and its uses.

Safely respond

Safely respond to an agricultural anhydrous ammonia incident.


Perform first aid in the event of anhydrous ammonia exposure.


Establish emergency plans.

Partnerships for success

In partnership with the Paramedic Association of Canada, Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Fertilizer Canada launched an update of the Anhydrous Ammonia Awareness for First Responders program, giving the first responder community the educational resources needed to keep themselves and others safe.


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