By Fertilizer Canada
March 8, 2019

Supporting Sustainability: Celebrating Fertilizer Canada’s Female STEM Staff

Female influence in the agriculture sector is growing each year and Fertilizer Canada is proud to employ a creative, powerful and strong female staff. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are recognizing staff members who came to the fertilizer industry in a uniquely Canadian way.

For over 25 years, Eco Canada has led in the growth of careers development resources and training programs for environmental practitioners in Canada. The ECO program matches new graduates with eligible employers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) or natural resource fields.

A third of Fertilizer Canada’s staff were hired and retained through the ECO Canada Green Internship program. One hundred per cent of ECO interns who have been brought on to date are women that assist in managing key elements of our environmental programs on Canadian farms, at mines and production sites at some of the world’s largest fertilizer companies and at key university research projects.

All staff from the ECO Canada program hold positions with opportunities to implement environmental sustainability programming in real-world applications on Canadian fields and create real change for the conservation of our land, water and air resources. By collaborating with a diverse network of stakeholders, these women are directly involved in creating, advocating for and implementing environmental best practices towards a national standard for agricultural sustainability.

“Fertilizer Canada values the building of a strong network of employees with diverse portfolios of skills and leadership opportunities. We believe in encouraging employees to continuously build skills and engage in professional development opportunities,” said Clyde Graham, Executive Vice-President of Fertilizer Canada. “Their environmental focus, coupled with their leadership skills and engagement in the association’s objectives, has proven a valuable asset to the team.”

The ECO Canada program has been instrumental in the progress made by Fertilizer Canada in the areas of environmental stewardship. With one-third of our staff having or working towards an EP designation, our programming benefits from a focused environmental lens. The association looks forward to this continued partnership in the future.

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