By Fertilizer Canada
November 22, 2019

Fertilizer Canada calls for action to stop the harmful impact of the CN Rail strike on Canada’s economy

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November 22, 2019

Ottawa, ON – Fertilizer Canada is calling for an immediate end to the CN strike in the interest of Canada’s economy. Decisive action is needed to mitigate the impact of this strike on the fertilizer industry and agribusiness sector as a whole. Prime Minister Trudeau and cabinet ministers must act quickly to end the CN strike and get the trains moving again.

“Rail service is critically important to our members and the Canadian farmers who are our customers. Canada’s reputation as a reliable exporter of fertilizer products are threatened every day the work stoppage continues,” said Garth Whyte, President & CEO at Fertilizer Canada.

An estimated $200 million to $300 million worth of fertilizer shipments will be impacted should the CN Rail strike continue through to December 5th, when Parliament resumes. The work stoppage is already inflicting economic harm on companies, their employees, farmers and industrial consumers of fertilizer products in Canada and around the world.

“There is no doubt that this uncertainty is directly, and negatively, impacting our customers, their farmers and the Canadian economy. We ask the government to take a more active role in engaging on both sides of the dispute to come to a common agreement to end the strike,” said Whyte.

The Canadian fertilizer industry is a major contributor to the Canadian economy and critical to success of Canada’s farmers. The industry employs over 76, 000 workers, contributing to nearly $24 billion to Canada’s economy every year. Canada’s export-driven fertilizer industry requires the safe, secure, and efficient transportation of its products into domestic, U.S. and offshore markets.

An efficient rail system is just one way that the Canadian fertilizer industry maintains it position as a global leader in exported goods. We are thus calling on both sides of the negotiating table to find common ground on any labour dispute and for the federal government to step in and provide any required support to get CN’s conductors, train persons, and yardpersons back to work immediately.


Fertilizer Canada represents manufacturers, wholesale and retail distributors of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and sulphur fertilizers. The fertilizer industry plays an essential role in Canada’s economy, contributing $23 billion annually and over 76,000 jobs. The association is committed to supporting the fertilizer industry with innovative research and programming while advocating sustainability, stewardship, safety and security through standards and Codes of Practice. Please visit


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Communications Manager

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