Economic Impact Report 2020

Innovation and Research

Research that happens behind the scenes is the true catalyst for growth in this industry.

We know that innovation and research maintains the Canadian fertilizer industry’s competitiveness on the world stage and highlights our leadership in sustainability. That’s why our members dedicate substantial resources each year to innovation in products and systems to increase economic impact and decrease environmental impact.

Building bridges with top researchers

In order to keep innovating, our partners work with many universities, colleges, polytechnics, science clusters, and innovation hubs. The following is just a small selection of the many academic institutions the fertilizer industry engages with to keep our industry moving forward.


International Mineral Innovation Institute

University of Saskatchewan

University of Regina

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute

University of Waterloo

Queens University

Dalhousie University

Medicine Hat College

University of Calgary


University of Illinois

Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute


University of Adelaide

Case Study:
Hawthorne Canada

Hawthorne Canada Limited recently completed building North America’s first and largest purpose-built research and development facility dedicated to advancing cannabis cultivation techniques. Research will focus on growing systems (including fertilizer) to deliver premium cannabis products through highly efficient cultivation. State-of-the-art laboratories, indoor grow suites, and training areas all exist within the single building located in Kelowna, British Columbia and was completed in December of 2020.

Tens of millions of dollars are put to research, development, and innovation each year by our members – investing in Canada and our future.

Fertilizer Canada supports the 4R Research Network composed of leading Canadian researchers who qualify the economic, social, and environmental benefits of advanced fertilizer management programs like 4R Nutrient Stewardship.

Case Study:
The Mosaic Company

The Mosaic Company, The Mosaic Company developed and patented a performance crop product called Aspire®. With a single-granule that combines potassium with two forms of boron, Aspire® delivers uniform nutrient distribution at the root level, allowing for a flexible application window of fall/spring and season-long B availability – increasing yields and outperforming other methods of boron delivery.

“I’ve never been shy about my passion for fertilizer.
It’s a magical innovation that’s responsible for saving
millions of lives from hunger and lifting millions more
out of poverty by boosting agricultural productivity.”

Bill Gates

Case Study:

Over the past five years, NexusBioAg has conducted its BioAdvantage Trials program, large-scale field trials to demonstrate the efficacy and value of existing and emerging products. Nearly 400 trials across six provinces with six different inoculants on 12 different crops have been completed.

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