Economic Impact Report 2020

Global use and export

International use of Canadian fertilizer

A major export industry, Canadian fertilizer is used around the world. Countries know that when they buy Canadian fertilizer, they are getting a premium product.

US $5.61


Total Value of Exported fertilizer in 2019



Total Exported Canadian Potash in Metric Tonnes

Canadian potash is the most sustainable in the world and is made with fewer than 70 per cent greenhouse gas emissions compared to potash produced in other countries. As the world’s leading producer of potash, not only is the Canadian potash industry benefiting Canada and the world economically, but environmentally.

Canada is the world’s lead supplier of potash, and 95% of Canadian potash is exported. 

Canadian fertilizer exports to U.S.A.

The United States is Canada’s largest fertilizer market, accounting for well over half of all total fertilizer exports each year.

Urea 535,000
Urea ammonium nitrate 426,000
Ammonium sulphate 215,000
Potash 5,493,000
Other fertilizer products 132,000


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